Along with the numerous doors and safes that are typically used in homes, offices and several industries, a car also makes use of a lock and a key for things other than for security. The vehicle might not start if you don’t have a certain key. Having one of your keys broken or not working properly could bring you many bad situations involving a vehicle that you could not open or sadly could not start up.

You should consider us if you’re in need of help regarding these kinds of issues. You can find our company in Davis,California, where we bring services for homes, commercial areas and of course, automotives that could be having a number of issues with their locks and keys. The variety of automotive services that we offer include key duplication, door unlocking and replacements for lock and ignition. The representatives we have are available 24/7 to respond to any call or request made by our customers and send out locksmiths to any place within Davis,California.

Even residential, commercial and industrial establishments can benefit from our services. You can avail of lock installation, repairs and replacement, while people who are locked out of homes can ask for emergency door unlocking, and you may also ask for security systems to be installed, aside from other services related to these sectors.

Any time you are in need of automotive services for Davis,California, just give us a call. Day, night, weekday and weekend, we are available to help you. Our locksmith services are available for only a service call fee of $15 in addition to costs for labor and any parts that may have been used. You know what to do whenever you need assistance.